Lateral thinking is a way of breaking existing and predictable patterns of thought so that new perspectives, new concepts and new ideas can emerge. The complexity of ... Read More
December 26, 2010Frank Connolly


The most common mistakes we make in our thinking are in the way we perceive the world around us. By and large our logic is quite sound but two people can look at ... Read More
December 23, 2010Frank Connolly


I attended at KMLF meeting last month and someone shared an interesting observation; i.e. "70% of all KM strategies have failed." As bad a figure as this is, I suspect the overall failure rate is actually closer ... Read More
November 20, 2010Frank Connolly


One of the questions I take some pleasure in asking when training is "Who has wasted their time in a meeting that had no focus and few, if any, outcomes in recent times?" Invariably 90% of all ... Read More
October 26, 2010Frank Connolly


Think Quick, in conjunction with Humour Australia and Absolutely Positive are pleased to announce the first of a unique set of learning opportunities designed to provide participants with a range of take-away tools and thinking ... Read More
October 12, 2010Frank Connolly


              It has always been frustrating how these two words have been ill-defined and interchanged in the workplace. The confusion over their definitions has added to the cynicism with which they are greeted in organisations and acts as a barrier to their ... Read More
July 6, 2010Frank Connolly