Operational behaviour , no matter how good, can never exceed strategic design

The greatest way to waste time and money is to generate activity without strategy. It’s like building a house by nailing bits and pieces together without a plan.

We can help with your overall strategy whether it is Start Up Strategy, Innovation Strategy (generating ideas) , Entreprenerial Strategy (converting ideas into a a practical money making activity) or Growth Strategy.

One day with us could save you thousands and potentially make you many tens of thousands.

What is your huge decision and how can we help ?

Typically a full day of facilitation will give you the ability to sound out your thinking and have various scenarios and potential outcomes presented to you.

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Some Huge Strategic Decisions

Over 100 million Walkmans were sold but Sony didn’t make the decision to build an MP3 player like Apple and that one decision lost a potential one hundred million existing portable music users.

Bill Gates strategy was to license Windows on every PC he could and then dominate the industry after he had built the user base. Before Microsoft was around software was considered minor compared with hardware.

The founders of Intel made the one strategic decision to change from DRAM chips to Microprocessors and that single decision is why Intel is where it is today