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The answer to last week’s challenge is, Q: Train A and Train B are crossing the country from coast to coast, a distance of over 3000 kms. A is traveling from Melb to Perth at 100km/hour. B leaves at the same time from Perth to travel to Melb traveling at 110km/per hour. Which train will be closer to the West coast when they meet?

A: When they meet they will both be exactly the same distance from the coast.

This week’s challenge is:

Q:  A person is replacing a wheel on their car when they accidentally drop the all the nuts used to attach the wheel to the car. The nuts fall down a drain and are irretrievably lost. A passer by however offers them a solution that still enables them to drive home. What did they suggest?

The answer along with a new challenge, next week.

Have an excellent weekend!

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  1. Navin :

    On the meeting point both trains will be at the same distance to the West Coast .


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