Six Thinking Hats Training Syd – July 28, 2015

Post by Frank Connolly 17th April, 2015

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We will be conducting a Six Thinking Hats Public Workshop in Sydney on July 28 this year on behalf of Chalmers International, the Official deBono Training Distributors for Australia and New Zealand.

People and organisations are seeking improvement and quality across many areas except that which is the most important – the quality of the way they think. When we improve the quality of our thinking the quality of the actions that follow will improve.

The Six Thinking Hats are designed to dramatically improve the way individuals and groups think. The methods are used to look at issues from multiple perspectives and help teams to move beyond their habitual thinking styles to achieve a more rounded and thorough view of a given situation.

Your people should attend this session if they would like to develop:

  • the capacity to design and facilitate more focused, shorter and outcome oriented meetings,
  • a sound understanding of multiple thinking styles,
  • the ability to design and lay out a thinking process,
  • the ability to generate genuinely new ideas using lateral thinking methods,     
  • the capacity to become more thorough and objective thinkers.

All attendees will receive the Six Thinking Hats Certificate of Merit along with the Official Blue Hat Facilitator lapel pin.  Also included will be a 10 week follow up course of handy application hints via email to help build upon the learnings.

To further assist all participants to practice and embed the learnings into their workplace, an optional work-based portfolio will be provided along with email & telephone coaching to aid in its completion, at no additional cost.

To book your places at this July 28 session use the link below:

Six Thinking Hats Public Workshop, Sydney July 28, 2015

Think well, prosper & we’ll see you in Sydney!

What is blocking your business going forward?

Post by Frank Connolly 8th April, 2015


Is your business stuck with issues that are blocking your progress? Is non-stop problem solving blocking you from exploring current and future opportunities?

What can you do to address the blockages?

Contact Frank at Think Quick for a no obligation discussion on how new and innovative perspectives can start the unblocking.


De Bono Training Relaunched

Post by Frank Connolly 15th February, 2015

de bono tools

Do you keep hitting brick walls with issues that just won’t go away?

Try thinking differently to see them from new perspectives.

If we move our focus from only trying to fix our problems to fixing the ways we think,  the problems will start to fix themselves.

We struggle to break free from day to day thinking habits that can inhibit us. Yet, we understand that to deliver the services that are now demanded, we must innovate and evolve at an increasing rate. We can’t achieve this by doing the same things year in, year out.

The de Bono thinking methods allow us to do this by breaking our established thinking patterns to see things anew.

We are pleased to announce the de Bono Training is again being offered across Australia & New Zealand. Each module comes with a number of new features that make this marquee training an essential item in your:

  • Learning & Development,
  • Change Management,
  • Org Development or
  • People & Culture tool-kits.

Everyone completing this training receives:

  1. Instruction from a certified de Bono trainer & perpetual access to their insights.
  2. Manuals & materials to support ongoing use of the methods.
  3. Simple tasks to aid in embedding the methods into the workplace.
  4. An avenue of measuring training outcomes and ROI through workplace application.
  5. 10 weekly email follow ups with tips & handy application hints.
  6. A 100% money back guarantee if the material & support above is not delivered!

For full details on the methods select the links below:

Six Thinking Hats

Lateral Thinking

Power of Perception

Where to from here with the de Bono Training? 

For a no obligation discussion on how your organisation will benefit from the de Bono methods – call Frank on 0400 109727 / (03) 8502 0042 or email at

Small things can make a BIG difference

Post by Frank Connolly 1st February, 2015

small thinks making a big difference


Big problems don’t always require big solutions. Small things can make a big difference. When we view our issue or opportunity, not in isolation, but as a part of a larger and very inter-connected system, new perspectives start to become visible.

With these new perspectives, new opportunities start to become apparent and new action becomes possible.

Here is one example from the natural world where one component among many, has a profound impact upon the whole. This video describes how the reintroduction of wolves into the Yellowstone National Park in the USA was a major factor in changing the river system.

Now, I don’t necessarily agree with the perspective offered about this being solely a top-down phenomena (referred to here as a trophic-cascade) but it’s certainly a good example of how a large system can be impacted in substantial ways with small, less indirect approaches. The small things can make a big difference.

Our Organisation’s have many issues that can be similarly tackled through indirect intervention that don’t involve the full-on frontal and costly approaches we tend to default to. Smaller and carefully targeted approaches are cheaper to instigate and a way to minimise the risk associated with more costly interventions. Even when the smaller approaches do fail, we benefit from the associated learnings. Given too, that small things mean only small failure failure, we do not put our organisation’s time, dollars or resources at risk.

Sometimes learning where we should not go is every bit as valuable as learning where we should go.

The video runs for 4:33 mins only – please enjoy.  How Wolves Change Rivers

Organisations require new ways of seeing the world, means designing new action and making a big difference. For assistance call Frank at Think Quick for a no obligation chat to discuss your current challenges and opportunities.

E-Letter 1 (2015)

Post by Frank Connolly 16th January, 2015


Our Think Quick E-letter which is a summary of the blog

with a few extras thrown in …

Incorporating Diversity without the Divisiveness

Post by Frank Connolly 8th January, 2015

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 2.32.33 pm

Diversity of opinion is divisive.

Now this is a real problem! Not only does the divisiveness brought about by differing views colour and diminish the interactions we have, but that very same diversity of view is also the best means we have at our disposal to come up with the best subject matter exploration and design going forward.

So the very thing we need to work in our favour tends to work against us.

There is no getting around the fact that we do not like hearing opinions that are different to our own. Our opinion is the correct one and those others are missing the point … aren’t they? Everyone perceives the world quite differently. If we assume that we all see things similarly, or that we are all on the same page, think again.

We don’t.

How can we incorporate diverse opinion in a way that is accepted and considered 
as a natural and non-threatening part our thinking?

The Six Thinking Hats is a thinking technique used to look at things from different perspectives. It forces us to move outside our habitual thinking styles and develop more rounded views of a given situation. The Hats promote fuller input from more people and significantly reduce argument from those with divergent points of view. The Six Thinking Hats gets people thinking in parallel.

Thinking in parallel is not about thinking the same! It’s about getting people to look at issues or topics from the same thinking perspective at the same time. When this happens the “opposition” is taken out of the equation yet we still hear and can consider the divergent viewpoints offered.

The Six Thinking Hats are also a great way to help build a culture in which innovation can happen. If we can take the divisiveness out of our interaction and develop more fully rounded views of a topic, we start to see more possibilities and we are less threatened by things that are not in accordance with the way we see the world as individuals. To take advantage of this the Six Thinking Hats also incorporates a Green Hat under which everyone seeks new ideas, alternative ways forward and new possibilities. Without a systematic consideration of these innovation remains just a word!

Everyone can be more collaborative and innovative with the application of the Six Thinking Hats:

“The Director General (DG) of a large Government Department was summoned by the State’s Premier and informed that the budget was to be slashed by $20,000,000.00 in the coming financial year. Given a growing work portfolio across the State, substantial cost-cutting already in place and a pledge that there would be no more cuts, this proved to be a serious issue for the Department.

In response, the Department’s most senior executives were flown in for a day long emergency session to try and find new ways of addressing the shortfall. In spite of their best efforts the session proved unfruitful.

The DG coincidently attended a lecture by Edward de Bono the following week and decided that the innovative thinking methods presented needed to be trialed on the funding dilemma. As a result the Executive Team were again flown into the State’s capital the following week and underwent a simple facilitation applying the collaborative and creative thinking approaches of the Six Thinking Hats. In doing so, the team quickly generated a range of new perspectives and ideas to apply to their budget problem.

With the application of a facilitated and structured Six Thinking Hats session, the very substantial subject-matter knowledge of the team was fully applied and over a 3 hour period they identified a quantifiable 12.5 million dollars worth of savings that were hitherto undiscovered with their normal thinking approaches.”

Could your organisation benefit from learning new ways to:

  • Appreciate diverse viewpoints?
  • Improve meetings and group interactions?
  • Fully explore any subject matter at hand?
  • Become more outcome focused?
  • Be more innovative in its thinking and action?

If so, contact Frank at Think Quick on 0400 109727 or at We are pleased to offer a no obligation discussion on exactly how your organisation will benefit using the Six Thinking Hats.

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