Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats Training in Melbourne

The de Bono training for Six Thinking Hats is a thinking technique developed by world renowned lateral thinker Edward de Bono. Six hats allow users to look at issues from multiple perspectives. It creates an environment where your staff  move outside their habitual thinking style and develop a more rounded view of a given situation.

Business Training Melbourne

Business training with Edward de Bono’s Six Think Hats will improve business performance.

Sales Training Melbourne

Think Quick will help your sales people to boost sales numbers. Lateral thinking helps staff get new ideas and think in new ways.

Continual Professional Development  Planning Melbourne

Six Thinking Hats is a perfect training idea for CPD. The thinking and methods applied work every bit as well in personal life as they do in the workplace.

Change Management Training Melbourne

The essence of change for staff and employees is to help everyone involved in the change management process to look at change in a different way. Six Hats training forces participants to look at every angle by the virtue of the system used.

Save time in meetings

de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats training creates discipline around meeting procedure. the training process reduces argument from those with different points of view. Reduce the time of business meetings and allow people of opposite views to be trained to work together. Six Hats encourages co-operation, exploration and greater creativity by getting everyone thinking in parallel.

Improve complex business problems

You can apply these methods to demanding and complex business problems with great success. De Bono training goes beyond the traditional critical, logical and argument.

What is de Bono’s  Six Hats Thinking System ?
  • White Facts, figures and information people know or need
  • Black Logical critical thinking, judging and playing devil’s advocate, points out weakness and why something may not work.
  • Blue Controls use of the other Hats and keeps thinking on track.
  • Red Emotions and feelings, hunches and intuition.
  • Green Creativity and new ideas, possibilities and alternatives, including Lateral Thinking.
  • Yellow Benefits and feasibility, constructive and optimistic input. What is the underlying concept? Why something may work.
Six Thinking Hats training is suitable for:

Group facilitation, Create  focus, Improve team productivity, communication workplace culture, Getting everyone thinking in the same direction without losing diversity of view, Enhance creativity, Organise thinking for better decisions & to solve problems, Reduce time in meetings, Saving time & money.

For an Accredited de Bono Ltd trainer in the Six Thinking Hats near you, contact Frank on 0400 109727 or email think.quick@me.com