Practical Innovation Training (Melb June 14, 2024)

A full day training to help you transform your Ideas into Impactful Reality.

Where: Clifton’s, Level 1/ 440 Collins St Melbourne

When: Friday June 14th

Enquiries: Frank on 0400 109727 or

In an era where the pace of change is not just rapid but exponential, organsations across the globe are waking up to a critical realisation: innovation is not just about ground-breaking ideas or disruptive technologies. It’s about finding more practical ways of designing and embedding those practical, innovations that drive measurable outcomes.

Think Quick helps people incorporate practical innovative thinking into organisational culture to enable new ideas and actions which drive measurable efficiencies and bottom line results.

Think Quick is uniquely placed to guide your organisation in these endeavours, we are not only qualified trainers and facilitators in innovative approaches, we are also practitioners that apply the methods to real world issues. We have also lived and breathed innovation initiatives within large organisations for many years, so have great experience in the methods and even more importantly – How to apply them to get results.

Why Practical Innovation?

Practical innovation is like AI for the mind – it teaches us an evolved way of thinking and doing which is imperative as we navigate the complexities of business today, Thinking differently affords us the capability to generate new perspectives, ideas and concepts and then turn them into concrete solutions that will impact our real-world challenges. Practical Innovation provides a structured set of tools and frameworks to help create this value.


This course will provide participants with a range of methods and an end-to-end process to address current organisational needs, improve business efficiency and help identify new and emergent opportunities. These methods will comprise the key areas of Problem Definition, Insight Building, Idea Generation, Preparing ideas for implementation & Moving to action.

The day will also include high levels of interactivity and discussion, with like minded people, along with the application and practice of the methods shared. This will be complimented with practical

What You Will Learn

  • How to develop greater focus in defining the key issues & opportunities.
  • Ways to improve your strategic thinking and decision making.
  • Means of generating new ideas and new ways forward.
  • How to analyse, assess and improve new ideas to maximise success.
  • Strategies to build inclusive approaches and maximise the buy-in of those around you.
  • How to maintain momentum in your innovation journey.

Who Should Enrol? 

This course is for Managers, Supervisors, Entrepreneurs, Business leaders, teams, and anyone passionate about thinking differently and making a real difference through innovation.  Both Private Enterprise and Government employees looking for new design methods, ways to improve and re-imagine service delivery and do be able to do more with less will take away a range of new thinking approaches and possibilities.

Practical Innovation Flyer

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