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The answer to last week’s question is. Q: One of the world’s capital cities spends far less (both in total and as a proportion of its budget) than other capital cities on a service which is usually considered absolutely essential. What city is this and why?

A: The city is La Paz, in Bolivia. It is the world’s highest Capital at almost 4000 metres above sea level. At this altitude there is far less oxygen and fires do not light so easily, as a result la Paz does not need to spend as much as other Capitals on its fire services.

This week’s lateral thinking challenge is.

Q: Which animal does not belong in this group – Bull, Fish, Lion, Giraffe & Crab?

The answer along with a new challenge next week.

Have a great weekend!



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Frank Connolly is the Principal of “Think Quick”, a business that adds value through thinking differently. His work history covers all sectors and includes initiatives that have yielded bottom line benefit in the 10’s of millions of dollars.

Frank has worked across Australia, South East Asia, China, the Middle East and Africa where he has trained and facilitated multiple thinking methods and been acknowledged by Edward de Bono as one of the foremost practitioners of the de Bono thinking methods worldwide.

Frank believes strongly that if we can improve the way we think, the actions that follow also improve.

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  1. Jabr Alnoaimi :

    The answer could be anyone of the following;

    1- The crab, a) because all the others have backbones except the crab. Or b) because it is the only one without a neck (no backbone does not necessarily mean no neck as a beetle, for example, has a neck even though it has no backbone!) Or c) because it is the only one that can stay alive underwater and out of water.

    2- The lion, because it is not usually eaten by humans.

    3- The giraffe, a) because it has the longest neck. Or b) because all the others’ names are made of four letters words while it has seven letters.

    4- The bull, because it has been domesticated by man thousands of years ago but not the others.

    5- The fish, because it is the only one that does not walk or crawl.

    I think I should just stop here.


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