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The answer to last week’s challenge is. Q: In a famous tourist destination the local authorities have made the price of electricity higher in order to increase tourism. Why?

A: Niagara Falls, where the water could be diverted for hydro electricity to provide cheaper power. To do so however diminishes the flow of water across the falls as it needs to be diverted first.

This week’s lateral thinking challenge is.

Q: Why would an organisation spend 10’s of millions of dollars to find something that costs only a few thousand dollars?

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The answer along with a new challenge, next week.

Have a great weekend!


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Frank Connolly is the Principal of “Think Quick”, a business that adds value through thinking differently. His work history covers all sectors and includes initiatives that have yielded bottom line benefit in the 10’s of millions of dollars.

Frank has worked across Australia, South East Asia, China, the Middle East and Africa where he has trained and facilitated multiple thinking methods and been acknowledged by Edward de Bono as one of the foremost practitioners of the de Bono thinking methods worldwide.

Frank believes strongly that if we can improve the way we think, the actions that follow also improve.

Comments (2)

  1. Jabr Alnoaimi :

    For the previous question; the answer could also be because the government needed extra revenue to finance some tourist attraction works. Or possibly to pay for the cost of hiding ugly overhanging cables and electricity towers.

    For this week lateral thinking challenge;

    It is a dangerously faulty car that needed to be located after the product line of this model were distributed over to many places.
    Or, to find a faulty piece in an expensive space exploration equipment.
    Or, a very nostalgic object belonging to a billionaire who doesn’t care about spending such money (probably because he is already very old.)

  2. Frank Connolly :

    Great thoughts!


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