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The answer to last week’s question is. Q: A man was traveling across country carrying a fox, a duck and a bag of corn when he came to a river. There was a small boat in which he could ferry only one of the three items across the river at any one time. He could not leave the fox alone with the duck or the duck would be eaten. He dared not leave the duck alone with the corn or the duck would eat the corn. How did he get all three across safely and in one piece?

A: First the man took the duck across, then came back and took the fox over. He left the fox on the far side of the river and returned with the duck. he then left the duck on the near side and took the corn over. he then made one final trip and took the duck across.

This week’s lateral thinking challenge is.

Q: A woman is alone on a deserted island without any food or water or any prospect of a ship passing by, but she does not fear for her life. Why not?

The answer to this challenge and a new challenge, next week.

Have a great weekend!

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