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The answer to last week’s question is. Q: A vinyl record measures 32 cm across. There is a 1 cm margin around the edge and a centre label that measures 10 cm across. There are 30 grooves per/cm. How far does the needle have to travel if the record is played from start to finish?

A: A touch over 10 cms.

This week’s Mental Floss is.

Q: A woman was being chased through the jungle by a tribe of head-hunters. She had in her possession two solid gold bars weighing 9 pounds each. She came to a rope bridge she needed to cross, but she knew the bridge would only support 125 pounds weight in total. She weighed 110 pounds and did not have time to carry one across at a time and it was too far to throw them. She had no weighty clothes she could remove, and the hunters were closing with every second. How did she escape with both gold bars?

The answer will be supplied along with next week’s Mental Floss.

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