Lateral Thinking Training (Perth May 31- Jun 1)


Does your organisation need new ideas to survive and thrive into the future?

Do you need to become “unstuck”?

Lateral Thinking is the pathway to Innovation!

If so train your staff to think laterally.

This two-day Lateral Thinking course on May 31 & Jun 1 offers de Bono’s original and marquee creative-thinking approaches. These tools are successfully applied worldwide by successful organisations.

Too often we assume that our current methods of problem solving will be sufficient for our current needs and our needs going into the future. The reality however is that the world is changing at an accelerated rate and many of the ways of  the past will not work in our current and future environments.

As Einstein famously stated, we will be unable to solve our problems with the same levels of thinking that created them. Lateral thinking provides a whole suite of unique thinking tools to enable better problem definition, better idea generation and better ways of moving those ideas into action.

This training will provide participants with a set of unorthodox approaches for seeking solutions to stubborn problems. The Lateral Thinking toolbox provides processes for when logical thinking is no longer sufficient.

The training will also incorporate post-training support in the form of a 10 week “Practical Application Tips” email series. It will also be supported by ongoing mentoring from the trainer.

Lateral Thinking means disrupting logical thought and arriving at the solution from another angle. This workshop will teach you how to achieve the ‘out of the box’ thinking required to be a successful.

Lateral Thinking - Chalmers International

You will learn to:

  • Improve idea generation and problem solving skills
  • Use ideas to get results when attacking problems
  • Constructively challenge current thinking
  • Convert problems into opportunities

For more details download the pdf below:

 Lateral Thinking 2016 

… or contact Frank on 0400 109727 or at

To book your places for this unique, once a year opportunity use the link below ….


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About the Author

Frank Connolly is the Principal of “Think Quick”, a business that adds value through thinking differently. His work history covers all sectors and includes initiatives that have yielded bottom line benefit in the 10’s of millions of dollars.

Frank has worked across Australia, South East Asia, China, the Middle East and Africa where he has trained and facilitated multiple thinking methods and been acknowledged by Edward de Bono as one of the foremost practitioners of the de Bono thinking methods worldwide.

Frank believes strongly that if we can improve the way we think, the actions that follow also improve.


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