Kids to create a new dog walking machine …

In an initiative to foster critical and creative thinking in children, Edward deBono is calling for your child’s original idea for a “Dog exercising machine”. Open for children aged 4-14. Prizes will be awarded to participants in a number of age categories. Some entries may be selected for publication in Dr Edward deBono’s next publication.

The results of the competition will be discussed at this year’s not to be missed – “International Conference on Thinking” to be held in Melbourne in July featuring Dr deBono.

All entries* will be reviewed by Dr Edward deBono and “Learning for and from life” with Dr deBono selecting the wining ideas in each age category. (4-6, 7-10, 11-14).

*Given some of the entries may be chosen and published in Dr deBono’s next publication, by submitting your are granting royalty free rights to deBono and “Learning for and from Life” to reproduce your child’s design.

To participate, children need to:

  1. Draw their idea for an innovative dog waking machine.
  2. A parent or carer then takes a photo in a high Resolution format and sends to along with the name and age of entrant.

The deadline for submissions is February 14.

Let the kids creativity begin ….

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