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Greetings all. Now that I’ve moved on from my whole of government role I’m starting to find time to put together my own blog and this is it. Think Quick!

Actually when I say my own blog, I mean I’ll be the primary driver but I will be working with all of those brilliant people that I have had the pleasure to work with, meet and learn from over the past 10 years (and there’s been quite a few.) Some have started to appear in the Favourite Links at left of screen, and I will progressively add to this list.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be starting to pull together the tools techniques and training we successfully applied and bundle them up into a unique set of offerings. The mix will be eclectic and selected specifically to help make sense of, and act in the increasingly complex and changing world in which we now find ourselves.

The methods on offer will incorporate both the new and contemporary along with a number of the tried and true standards such as the methods developed by Edward de Bono, including Lateral Thinking, The Direct Attention Thinking Tools and the Six Thinking Hats.

Frank Connolly

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  1. Graeme Bowman :

    Great to see your thoughts tumbling onto a new blog. And it’s a solid set of services you’re offering. Hope there’s plenty of demand – there’s certainly a need!

    I’m just about to start a blog myself, covering creativity, humour and communication, so looks like we are losing yet more of our virginity together.

    I look forward to working alongside you again soon.

  2. fconnolly :

    Hi Graeme,

    Can’t think of anyone I’d prefer to lose it with!

    … and yes I look forward to doing something together in the not too distant.


  3. Richard Chapman :

    Definitely a case of thinking quick, Frank!

    I’ll keep in touch through this blog. Best of luck

  4. Frank Connolly :

    Thanks Richard and I will definately see you around the traps.

  5. Jo Stephenson :

    Great to see you online again Frank. Best wishes with this new venture.

  6. Frank Connolly :

    Thanks Jo!


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