Edward deBono (19/5/33 – 9/6/21)

A very sad day today with the loss of one of the world’s great thinkers and teachers.

Edward deBono passed away peacefully in Malta today leaving a legacy that we cannot even begin to measure.

I first came across the work of Edward whilst working within the Dept of Justice and was immediately struck with it’s elegant design and practical nature. Under the initial tutelage of Susan Mackie of the deBono Institute I had the opportunity to meet Edward on multiple occasions and consistently learn and apply his methods in many real world situations. At last count I have now been doing so for 20+ years.

When I see the current generation of YouTube streamers imparting information by scribbling on tablets I always think of Edward’s somewhat idiosyncratic and “seemingly-dated” means of teaching during speeches and learning sessions.

He would use an old overhead projector and scribble away on an acetate roll creating words and graphics to impart ideas and concepts. A great way of imparting knowledge but always drawing the question of  “why doesn’t he get with the times and use a data projector”?

In hindsight perhaps, even with this he was innovating given that the most recent online applications do much the same thing. I think the primate in us loves to hear the words and follow the emerging graphic simultaneously. Even with this he was ahead of the curve!

Another thing the many memorials soon to appear may not speak of was that Edward had quite a “naughty” sense of humour. I would often smile hearing humorous comments that I knew with certainty would rile audience members who lacked  understanding of the context and the purpose of humour!

Given the millions of people Edward has positively influenced through his life his work will continue to create value into the future. Networks of dedicated trainers continue to train, facilitate and consult with his methods and continue to create value where value could not hitherto be found.

A sad day, but what a life to celebrate!

NB: For those wishing to acquaint themselves with Edward’s work there are many great starting points, but I usually recommend. “Think before it’s too late” and/or “Serious Creativity”.



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