As the world becomes more complex and change accelerates, we must be able to strategically step back and make greater sense of what is going on. If we do, we are in a better position to make the best and context-appropriate decisions to ... Read More
July 6, 2020admin


                  For our Middle-Eastern colleagues we will be in the UAE in July and holding  3 day session in Creative Thinking & Complex Problem Solving. This 3 day interactive course day will provide participants with tools and end-to-end processes incorporating a ... Read More
May 27, 2019Frank Connolly



Stepping into the fog

            Many smart and confident people will tell us what is coming at us from the future and sometimes they will be right, however the reality is that a very healthy percentage of the future is unpredictable. We can foresee and guess many aspects, ... Read More
November 9, 2018Frank Connolly


        Slacktivism can be defined as actions performed via the Internet in support of a political or social cause but regarded as requiring little time or involvement, e.g. signing an online petition or joining a campaign group on a social ... Read More
April 6, 2018Frank Connolly


  Big problems don't always require big solutions. Small things can make a big difference. When we view our issue or opportunity, not in isolation, but as a part of a ... Read More
February 1, 2015Frank Connolly


              Allow me to preface this post with the acknowledgement that I have worked with more "public sector innovators" than anyone else I know. The sector has a great many smart people doing a great many smart things. However ... Read More
January 6, 2015Frank Connolly


Uncertainty & Action are two words not always used in close association. Action usually implies moving forward with intent and some predetermined direction, while Uncertainty usually involves hesitation accompanied with a fervent wish to move away from the uncertainty. There is a ... Read More
July 5, 2014Frank Connolly


"Navigating Complex Issues"  Wednesday April 23 What can we do to draft policy and develop strategy when the goalposts won't stop moving? The world is fast becoming  interconnected, uncertain and complex in ways previously unimagined. Doing ... Read More
February 2, 2014Frank Connolly



DIY Conservation

The recent decision of the WA Government to start culling sharks off the Western Australian coast means the world as we know it is fast disappearing. This seems such a monumentally ignorant decision given the state of shark ... Read More
January 10, 2014Frank Connolly


Doing business in Government is getting tougher ... The world is fast becoming interconnected, more uncertain and increasingly complex in ways previously unimagined. Coupled with the demand to consistently do more with less, the challenge dramatically increases. We know that the ... Read More
October 24, 2013Frank Connolly


How do we move from talking Innovation, to doing Innovation? Organisations are attempting to do more with less in a sustainable way, while still needing to improve service delivery and profit. A difficult task, even at ... Read More
October 17, 2013Frank Connolly


We tend to anthropomorphise some creatures, particularly whales and dolphins given that their jaw shape lends itself to an interpretation of having human-like smiles. In the picture above we'd all love to imagine ... Read More
October 5, 2013Frank Connolly


The world is fast becoming interconnected, more uncertain and increasingly complex in ways previously unimagined. Doing business, whether it be Public or Private is getting tougher ... Organisations are struggling to keep pace with this complexity and require more contemporary skills ... Read More
October 2, 2013Frank Connolly


I recently completed a presentation for the eclectic Cynefin Meetup Group and discussed the need for experimentation when the way forward is not clear. All too often when organisations struggle with issues that ... Read More
May 24, 2013Frank Connolly


One of the great difficulties in Government is that ... Read More
October 15, 2012Frank Connolly


Think Quick has just released its new A3 brochure. Organisations that would like to receive copies of the brochure can contact us here and leave your contact ... Read More
September 5, 2012Frank Connolly


As another AFL season is almost upon us and I wanted to think about some of the questionable thinking that the football clubs and associated media trot out every year but are never taken to task over. The first is expressed by a number of clubs not wishing ... Read More
September 4, 2012Frank Connolly