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The answer to last week’s challenge is. Q: You are inside a perfectly cubical room where each wall, the ceiling and the floor are mirrors. There is nothing else in the room. How many reflections can you see if you’re facing in one direction and can look up, down left and right?

A: None. Within the cube there would be total blackness given the walls, ceiling and floor are mirrors and completely opaque. No light would be able to penetrate to enable any reflection.

This week’s thinking challenge is.

Q: A man staggers out of a pub under the influence. Everything he is wearing is black, including a ski mask as it is very cold. He is walking down the middle of a road with no shops or street lights. A car is speeding toward him with its lights off but somehow manages to stop in time. How did the driver avoid hitting the man?

The answer to this and a new Mental Floss will appear next week.

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Good Luck!

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Frank Connolly is the Principal of “Think Quick”, a business that adds value through thinking differently. His work history covers all sectors and includes initiatives that have yielded bottom line benefit in the 10’s of millions of dollars.

Current clients range from Exxon-Mobil to Government Depts within Australia to Global NGO’s.

Much of his working life has been split between Australia, the South Pacific and Asia where he has trained and facilitated Lateral Thinking techniques, and been acknowledged by Edward de Bono as one of the foremost practitioners of the de Bono thinking methods worldwide.

Frank believes strongly that if we can improve the way we think, the actions that follow also improve.


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