People and organisations are seeking improvement and quality across many areas except that which is the most important - the quality of the way we think. If we improve the quality of our thinking the quality ... Read More
January 1, 2011Frank Connolly


I attended at KMLF meeting last month and someone shared an interesting observation; i.e. "70% of all KM strategies have failed." As bad a figure as this is, I suspect the overall failure rate is actually closer ... Read More
November 20, 2010Frank Connolly


One of the questions I take some pleasure in asking when training is "Who has wasted their time in a meeting that had no focus and few, if any, outcomes in recent times?" Invariably 90% of all ... Read More
October 26, 2010Frank Connolly



Complex Facilitation

At Think Quick we don’t simply assist with your issues, we help build your capacity to solve your own. We provide new perspectives and new means of looking at your organisational issues so that appropriate and sustainable action can be designed in-house ... Read More
April 20, 2010Frank Connolly


The Direct Attention Thinking Tools (DATT) make up a suite of tools for directing attention and helping to develop a broader and more inclusive view of a given topic. If we wait for things to come to our attention will will miss things and notice ... Read More
January 6, 2010Frank Connolly


Lateral thinking is a term invented by Edward de Bono which describes thinking that uses specific techniques for developing new ideas through changing concepts and perceptions through using formal thinking tools. A lateral thinking solution to a problem is often described as coming from ... Read More
October 3, 2009Frank Connolly


Thinking is the ultimate human resource but how much effort do we put into developing it, nurturing it and using it to its fullest potential? People, communities and organisations are seeking improvement and quality in ... Read More
October 3, 2009Frank Connolly